A Great Topic Sentence

Not a good topic sentence is too narrow how about number two studying is difficult alright now some of you may agree with this sentence but again this is not a great topic sentence either and this is a mistake for the opposite reason as the first one in this case the sentence is too broad now what I mean by that is that it’s it’s too big of an idea to really be dealt with in a single paragraph there’s it’s not specific enough so a good topic sentence has to be somewhere between being too narrow and too broad you want it to be specific but not too specific that it’s a fact so it’s a very delicate kind of balance that you have to hit there with a good topic sentence.

Now in this case how can you make it more specific you have to ask things like what and who so studying is difficult studying what for example or difficult for whom who find studying difficult okay so again number two not a good topic sentence but a very again a common mistake that students make in their writing so let’s look at number three hopefully we’ll will do better with that one so Y values are disappearing so this is also not a very good topic sentence that I’m it has been kind of a trick question actually I think I’m trying to trick you a little bit why traditional values are disappearing is not a good topic sentence because it’s just an incomplete sentence it’s grammatically incomplete so not only do you need your idea to be not too broad or too narrow but you have to make sure that your sentence is grammatically correct and in this case this is what we call a sentence fragment which again we’ll deal with in another lesson more specifically but the problem here is that you’ve got a question word at the beginning of this of this clause there you’ve got a your subject and your verb but the subject and verb are not inverted so this is not a question because you see there’s a period there too.

So it looks like a question but it’s it’s not quite as actually what we call a noun clause grammatically incomplete and therefore not a good topic sentence yeah right all right so I am kind of tricking you as people are kind of noticing in the in the chat over there so let’s look at number four I would like to discuss in this paragraph the growing concern about air pollution in my city now this one’s open I mean it looks better right than the other ones but it’s still problematic it’s still not a good topic sentence and here’s why what you don’t want to do in academic writing you don’t want to announce your topic and you don’t want to announce your intentions so little phrases like I would like to discuss you don’t want to start a sentence with that.