Passion In Personal Statement

The key to the personal statement is to express our identity and talk about who we are and describe something unique about us could you tell us if there are any effective ways that we as students can effectively express our identity through our common FSA oh because we might be passionate about many things but is there any receptive way to convey our passions to the admissions officers well okay so I I think what you want to do is to choose one of those paths so as I suggested you may let’s say you have five passions and you’re trying to think about it the idea is not to say I am passionate about a B C D and E.

What you want to do is part of your process is to brainstorm maybe all five of those passions and then decide which one do you feel provide a the most important part of you the perhaps gives the broadest perspective about who you are and then it’s once you’ve decided which one you want to explore it’s sort of it’s what I was saying you you make a few statements but ultimately you want to tell stories about yourself that exhibit this passion so if you be one of the examples I gave is if you love art history I want to know I would I want to read you could write anywhere from three to seven lines describing one moment of how you interact with a painting just a few sentences both the painting how it affects you why it inspires you what it inspired maybe that painting inspired you to go out and do community service or draw a sculpture or come up with a mathematical equation I’m working with a student right now who’s a mathematician but he happens to have a love he discovered a love for art which is now informing what he wants to do and inspiring the interaction between arts and science.

And it’s helped him redefine what it means to live in a community and the idea of beauty the idea is to to just explore and then find a few key moments that you can use to illustrate this passion does that make sense yep no that’s that’s great Debbie can you one of the questions we get is you know you’ve done this for a long time you’ve seen every kind of topic are there some common mistakes that you see that students make in writing the essay and kind of how do we avoid them structurally or topic life because I oh I mean what’s something that you know you just see and it drives you crazy and you know kids continually do it year after year ah I would say just more look everyone has trouble writing so structurally you know I it’s hard to point out what what I have tried to emphasize is the importance of anecdotes and specific moments as opposed to a laundry list.