Presenting Data In The Paper

While still presenting data that shows that you improve them on some axes I would try to do that if you can that’s the flavor of the message I think that’s good one one more back here and then we’ll forgot a stop at lunchtime my my question about the details how deep to describe my system if it’s kind of complicated I mean one one on one hand I can go on on all the details on the other hand they can be like get like more over the overview but like what’s the balance so well so how detailed can you be it’s hard for me to answer that because pretty much it’s constrained by the paper right by the length of the paper you just don’t have much space right the the only thing I’d say is try to focus on your key idea put the details that articulate your idea and if the other kind of only loot loosely related stuff but that’s important to you like another paper. Find out how to correctly present data in your work at Edusson.

I don’t know I can say any more than that worthy yes at the back corner yeah so impending appendices for papers are a bit like technical ports they say you know we proved this theorem and if you want to see the proof here it is so that’s really good because it doesn’t drag the reader through the proof it says here’s where you can find the evidence if you want it or it might even be in you know online somewhere I think I think that’s good try not to put what you want to do is you want to put material that clearly is a kind of subroutine call away you get the payload from the theorem and then and they can go and find if they want that kind of thing supporting data good yeah we got we’re and we’re gonna stop for lunch key okay so one question sometimes you’re in-between feeds or yeah for really complicated the issue and you use somehow needs a gentle introduction to this a longer introduction where do you put it so I like that that’s writing across field papers and papers about complicated ideas is simply harder.

So you know sometimes that means you have to aim at a journal because conferences are often narrowly focused and sometimes are not very hospitable to cross field papers and if you need more space you may you may just need to say you know perhaps this is it you know almost semi tutorial that your survey paper sometimes I don’t quite know I’m not sure I can any say anything very meaningful in response to your question except to acknowledge that yes it’s harder and so if you the more initially particularly in the early stages of a search career the more you can focus on you know more single issue issue politics if you like the easier you’ll make make your life and then you can sort of try them one ambitious and difficult but still important I’m not saying it’s not important.